I’m an author living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I love books, good movies (dislike blood and guts), show tunes and live theatre.

I’m married, nearly 53 years now and counting, with 3 children. We recently lost one of the feral cats we rescued to bone cancer.  Koa was bright, inquisitive, often a nuisance and I loved him dearly.  His sister is here in my office with me; Nani still searches for him and every time I hear the cat door make a noise so do I.

I have been employed at a drug store, the phone company, as a regional representative of my tribe (located in Oklahoma) and as a Baptist (American) minister.  I currently “work” as a substitute at our son’s shop Creative Ohana in Kalaheo on the island of Kaua`i.  If you’re onisland, stop by the shop, a crafts cooperative with over 20 artists displaying and selling their works.  I also host a book club on site.

I have written four books thus far:

One Woman’s Family and the Footprints It Left Behind, privately printed for my family, with nearly 400 years of family history;

Potawatomi Trail of Death, Indiana – Kansas, 1838, published 2003, co-written with historian Shirley Willard of the Fulton County Historical Society, now of the Indian Awareness Center;

Stained Glass Windows, printed privately 2008, poetry and essays which is sold in the shop;

From Manhattan to Hollywood: the Stories of Chief White Eagle, published 2014, available on Amazon.com

So that’s me. Right now I hear a book calling my name so enjoy SusansWords.

Aloha, Susan