May 3, 2020

Odds and Ends
I found this elephant on the internet and since I have an elephant collection thought I’d share it.
Covid-19 is certainly something that can’t be ignored these days.Turn on any news program and it’s pretty much all you hear. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of it and of being cooped up in my house, no matter how much I love my home. I want to take my chair and sit on the beach but I can be arrested for doing so, even after showing my ID to prove I’m a resident!
Excitement has now become going to Safeway, properly masked and screened at the door, and finding toilet paper and hand sanitizer, one to a customer. I hit the jackpot!! I used to take those for granted, no limit.
Closets and drawers are being cleaned out but with thrift stores closed bags pile up in the office. Book cases are being cleaned out–I found hatched gecko eggs in the back–but the boxes have no place to travel. The kitchen and bathrooms are bleached frequently and I still look around to find a spot I may have missed.
My husband has recovered from his surgery but twisted his knee; he keeps it up, discovered Roku so watches hours of Sci-Fi movies, which I can’t stand. My eyes grow blurry from reading; I’m far ahead of my 2020 reading challenge on GoodReads.
Somehow we’ve moved into Spring, Easter is past, the Merrie Monarch Festival I look forward to didn’t happen, and here we are still hunkering down. And I keep finding more things I can live without. At this pace we’ll be sitting in a vacant house by July!
I listen to people protest lockdown and demand reopening our country. But I fear that if we do that too early, the virus will gain a new foothold. Already an upswing is expected come Fall. I understand their frustration but not the wisdom in reopening too soon.
I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and finding things to do to keep sane. I’m sure this too will end but I don’t think we’ll ever return to our previous “normal” and in some ways I hope we don’t. I hope we become a less wasteful society, a kinder, more loving people and gentler with ourselves. I hope we learn we don’t need the high-priced luxury items, that maybe we should consider growing some of our own food. That maybe we could care more for each other. That we should strive to take better care of our Mother Earth.
Maybe Covid-19 is teaching us to become better. I certainly hope so!

1 thought on “May 3, 2020

  1. Hannah Rees

    Thank you, Susan. We feel much the same, except we don’t even get out to the grocery. I have only been the few blocks I’ve walked from our house since we’ve been home. Deb delivers food every two weeks. We are well supplied – only thing not available was powdered milk…. we ran out before the 2 weeks were over, but will just be more careful this time.

    Finished” Sparrow” this morning. Enjoyed the part at the end about the real people. Interesting that Amy B Brown is a UCC’s minister’s wife…. thanks for telling me about it and Mr. Emerson’s Wife. Enjoyed both.

    You know you could join Dawn’s Monday night poetry group on Zoom as you wouldn’t have to drive. I would join, but it’s going to be about midnight our time.

    We’re watching “The Last Dance” all about Michael Jordan’s last year. What a magnificent player! We saw him play once, but we were so far away from the court we had to look at monitors- might as well watched TV’s at home.

    Keep on , keeping on – and we will too!!

    Love, Hannah

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