March 30, 2020

My daughter-in-law Debbie took this eagle picture over at my husband’s summer cabin in Washington State.

Members of many Native tribes pay homage to the Eagle. No, they don’t worship it but they honor it. It is believed that Eagle, as the highest-flying bird, carries our prayers up to Creator. It is also believed by many that Eagle keeps our world alive by flying high and making note of those living in traditional ways, praying in traditional ways and caring for Creation.

But this isn’t just a Native thing. We are all called to honor our earth, to care for her gently, to not abuse her or take from her more than we need.

For the last century we haven’t lived this way. We have taken more than enough. We have dug deep into her heart and robbed her of essentials she relies upon for her very life. We have not replenished. We have released deadly toxins into her air and poisoned her.

And because of that she can no longer gift us with sustainable life. Along with those toxins come diseases, diseases we’ve never faced before. Covid-19 is one of them.

Corona virus sounds like a bad beer disease. But it’s all too real and it affects us all. The precautions we are taking are necessary to our survival and that of our loved ones. We are asked to wear masks when we leave our homes; these masks protect us from coming in contact with the droplets that spread the disease, droplets we each release when we cough or sneeze.

Social distancing is another protection we have, keeping at least six feet away from each other. Quarantine in our homes is another way to stay safe. Yet so many do neither. They adopt the attitude that this won’t affect them. Tell that to the 13-year-old who died this morning.

This is serious, folks, and if we don’t take precautions we will all suffer, not just by contracting the virus but by losing loved ones to it. Who in your family are you willing to sacrifice? No one? Then take precautions now. And live respectfully on Mother Earth.

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