January 14, 2020

For Christmas this year I gave several women a package of note cards. And I explained to them that I have a friend who lost her brother just before the holidays. She received a lot of sympathy messages on FaceBook but only one actual card, the one I sent to her.
As I thought about this, I realized that it is so easy to jot a FB message and move on but so hard to buy and mail a card with a personal message. Or to send a personal note of encouragement or a personal note period. So I’m going to try and be better at it this year.
I may still send a FB message to some but to those whose addresses live in my address book I’ll try to do more. In this techy world we live in we’re losing that personal touch we used to have.
For instance, my Mother taught me to send Thank You notes to people for gifts. We didn’t do it when we could thank the giver in person but for my Grandparents and others who lived far away, we sent notes.
When Eric and I were married, we sat down together and wrote Thank You notes to everyone who’d given us a wedding gift BEFORE we put the gift away.
When friends or family took the time to mail a gift, whatever the occasion, a Thank You note was sent before I could use it. It felt good to me to do it. And when I receive a Thank You note I know the gift was appreciated.
What is the price of a friend? Surely a stamp and a note card are a small price to show a friend you care.

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