Christmas 2019

Christmas trees are as individual as those who decorate them. For instance, our tree this year has a Hindu goddess beneath it, just because to me she representrs calm. One branch has an ornament bearing the word “God” in Hebrew, memory of my year studying Biblical Hebrew. Another ornament represents Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, a university built on Potawatomi ground which has Potawatomi burials on its campus.
Then there are the handmade ornaments created by my mother and my mother-in-law; such special memories. My mother’s are knitted, my MIL’s are ceramic from a class she took.
A carved wooden fish, in a Pacific Northwest design, brings back memories of our lives in Seattle, where we married and raised our family.
Several ornaments tell the story of a trip to the Christmas shop in San Francisco, taken some thirty years or so ago.
Ornaments from our first Christmas are also found on our tree. They’re a bit “used” but we hang them every year to remember that first Christmas as a new family. They’re antiques now, as are we!
Some of our ornaments are from crafts fairs in years past, one from the artist’s gallery where I work. All in all they tell a story of life lived, love shared.
But one special ornament is a pale blue ceramic ornament, a sleeping baby, with the words “Kenneth Nolan December 30 1995” on the back, the memorial for our grandson whom we never got to hold. Every year it finds a place on our tree.
So whatever you put on your tree, if indeed you have one, may they bring back memories of special times with the people you love, and memories of those who have gone before.
Happy Holidays from our house to yours!

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