November 3, 2019

When I was born
Daddy was training fighter pilots in Florida
teaching them not just to fly
But how to lighten their planes
So they could fly faster and farther.
Doolittle’s Raiders had put this into practice
And were able to complete their mission.

When I was born
Mom was a young wife in Kansas
Working at the Coleman Factory
Living with her parents and brother
While awaiting my birth
Daddy tried anxiously to get home.
He barely made it.

When I was born I was an only child
Only granddaughter
Only grandchild.
We lived in my grandparents’ house
Then in a garage in Sebring
I had my first experience in a pool
An alligator moved in a few days later.

When I was born
Germany was yet to surrender
Nagasaki and Hiroshima
Were still thriving cities.
I had my own ration book
And FDR was president.
Anne Frank was sent to concentration camp
And imprisoned Jews were released in America.

When I was born it was a cold winter day
I had to be tightly bundled against the wind
Six months later I lay in a buggy
With a very proud dad standing beside me
And palm trees swaying behind me.
Two beaming parents posed for the camera
While I sat between them smiling.

And that’s how it was
When I was born.

1 thought on “November 3, 2019

  1. Hannah Rees

    I can see you have worked on this. It’s lovely, well done! Paints a very real, clear picture of that time . The only thing missing is the picture of you smiling with your parents!

    I, too, was the only child, grandchild, niece etc – but mine lasted my whole life. My mother almost died having me, so I made up the family.

    Am meeting with a friend tomorrow to just choose a topic at random and write. Maybe you and I could try this sometime. I am able to figure out what I really think when I write.

    We went out to a concert last Sat. Felt like I was on a date – haven’t been able to do this for a long time!!! Heard beautiful symphony music – did snooze a bit in the second half, but enjoyed it all!!

    Hope Eric and all are feeling well .

    Sure look forward to our sunsets together!!! Jerry says we’ll be there in 64 days, but who’s counting!!!

    Love, Hannah

    Sent from my iPad




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