October 12, 2019

The neighbor cut some branches off of his Longan tree this week and left some on our back doorstep; in another week or so when we harvest bananas he will be at the top of the list for a hand or two. It’s the island way and only one of many reasons we so love it here.

Longans have a tough, leathery exterior with a sweet, firm, gel-like fruit inside which surrounds a black seed. I find that biting into the skin and peeling it off is the best way I know to get to the fruit inside. The seed is for planting. I don’t know how to describe the taste. It’s not like a grape, sweeter than a lychee or rambutan and juicy when fully ripe.

I sat at the table this morning picking the fruit off the branches and headed to the fridge to put the bag in when I almost stepped on one of our Madagascar geckos that was hanging out in front of the fridge so the fruit is on the counter for now.

The geckos are still running around. Several hatchlings have been eaten by adults so we don’t have as many as one might expect; fortunately enough get away that our gecko supply is renewed.We had a cool, wet spell so didn’t see much of the geckos for a few days but it’s warmed up to 90 so they’re running around again.

And yes, I believe in global climate change. Our coral reefs are bleaching from the warmer ocean temperatures and we’ve never had such a long run of hot temperatures that I can remember; even the locals comment on it. But we had an amazing thunder and lightning show with lots of rain that helped cool things off.

Meanwhile thr first humpback whale was spotted off North Shore on October 1. The whales are back!! Time to get out the beach chairs and go whale-watching.

Image may contain: fruit and food

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