JULY 4, 2019

We have a porn show going on in our living room.  In fact it’s been going on for some time now.  They have no shame!  They don’t care if it’s day or night, if it’s dark or they’re under a bright living room light.  They catch sight of each other and the chase is on.

It’s actually been very interesting, though I sometime feel like a voyeur.  She starts the action by twitching her tail in a certain provocative way and it appears to attract him like flies to honey, or in our house ants to peanut butter.  He will race across the room and sidle up next to her, nudging her with his abdomen, and before you know it he’s wrapped around her like there’s no tomorrow.  His tail twitches, hers twitches, and they stay that way for a good minute or longer.  And it will happen several times over a 2 or 3 day time frame.

Geckos lay eggs and sometimes, when they’re on the window outside and the light is right, you can actually see a large egg within the body of the female.  I’ve seen them with bulging abdomens struggling around the walls, walking in a manner very pregnant women walk, sort of a wobble.  We have found their eggs on window sills in the house, in the printer, behind the TV and even in the smoke alarm.

And then we have seen the newly-hatched babies on the ceiling, about half an inch long and just plain cute.

However there’s a not-so-cute side to this.  Adult geckos eat their offspring.  They chase them down and swallow them headfirst.  I’ve watched it happen.

One of our geckos has actually made friends with my husband. It will jump down from the windowsill, sniff his finger, stick its head down into his glass and if it’s something he or she finds of interest will actually crawl down into the glass and lick up what’s there.  Or lick the condensation on the outside of the glass.  We make sure it’s nothing that will harm it, mostly just water.  Recently the second gecko has also come over to sniff Eric’s finger.  They’re becoming his pets.

The cat finds this whole thing fascinating.  She will watch the geckos, sometimes chase them or peer under a piece of furniture with great curiosity, but she does not grab them.  I understand that they give off an odor or a protective shield that makes them unappealing to cats so Nani only peers and watches before returning to her chair for a nap.

Recently employees at the Ke Kai Marine Mammal Center in Hawaii started receiving numerous calls from within the hospital.  Over a period of fifteen minutes they received nine of these calls.  When the director approached the phone the calls were coming from, she discovered to her surprise that  they were being made by a gecko!  The gecko has now been returned to the outdoors and the phone now only receives calls from people.  USA Today actually wrote this up after the director posted it on Twitter; the gecko was sitting on the touchscreen of the phone wiggling its feet which were making the calls.

You just gotta love it!!

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