JANUARY 23, 2019

We are living in a time of such turmoil. Now I’m aware that others, in generations past, can and did write the same thing. Many saw it as the world coming to an end as foretold in the Bible. Others saw it as a time for reformation–I think of Martin Luther, Hiawatha, Tenskwatewa (the Shawnee Prophet, brother of Tecumseh), Wovoka, Martin Luther King Jr. All saw turmoil, either in the church, their country or their world. Some saw it in all three.
I think of this time as a time of Growth. We need to listen to these Reformers, study what they’re saying. But most of all we need to Grow from these experiences.
The issues in the White House did not happen overnight and they’re certainly keeping our country divided while injuring so many families. The economy has caused many to live from paycheck to paycheck and to fear for their very lives and the lives of their children. As someone who is retired and living on social security after the pension we counted on to help out was eaten up by medical insurance, I can understand their fears. I suspect that the food that workers have in their cupboards is rapidly diminishing if not already gone. Their savings are being eaten up (pun intended) and soon, if this shut-down doesn’t end, there will be no place to turn.
So how do we start? First, by growing our own food. A packet of seeds doesn’t cost that much and will yield much more. Many here are starting to see the necessity of this and are creating gardens in their yards or on shared vacant lots. Remember hearing about Victory Gardens?
Budget, a bad word to many but a necessary one. Learn to do without the big fancy car, dinner out every week. Shop at discount stores, farmer’s markets (which benefit you and the farmer), sharing (has your child outgrown his or her clothes; pass them on to a child who could use them–don’t sell them on facebook unless you need the money for your family).
Save. What you have at the end of the month, after growing your own food and budgeting, can be put away for emergencies. And they will come. Early in our marriage my husband’s employer went on strike and the city of Seattle basically shut down (“Will the last person to leave turn out the lights?”). We found ourselves with one small child and one on the way. Unemployment and scavenging the beach, as well as odd jobs, got us through until his company started hiring again; he was first in line.
If you’re not affected now, prepare for the day when you will be, not if but when. It will happen. Be ready.

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