November 21, 2018

Yesterday I shared a post on Facebook, one which refers to an incident that took place on a reservation in North Dakota, November 20, 2016. The rest of the post is as follows:

“November 20, 2016, the night water protectors came under attack with water cannon in -20 below zero weather. This was a night many water protectors were injured by the militarized Morton, Dane, Cass country sheriff along with North Dakota State police and hired mercenaries of Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and Energy Transfer Partner. 

“This is a day which will live on forever as militarized police attacked unarmed water protectors in the United States of America in subzero (-0) weather. Many people injuries ranged from being shot with rubber bullets on the water protectors back, hands, head, eye, and arm injuries. Many of the water protectors will never have full use of their body parts as they are maimed forever by rubber bullets and gas grenade.


“The militarized dressed sheriff, state police, and mercenaries were never charged with the use of deadly force against unarmed water protectors. The procedures prescribed for the use of deadly force has policies and procedures while shooting rubber bullets against people. Policies and procedures prescribed “Do Not Aim At Head or Genital Region.” Both the head and genital region were shot by the militarized dressed sheriff, state police and mercenaries. Clearly a violation of departmental policies and procedures.

“Federal lawsuits must be filed against those who injured unarmed water protectors as well as World Court Charges against Human Right Charges.

“May we laid tobacco this evening at approximately 7 pm (CST) when this attacked started on our water protectors on that fateful evening of November 20, 2016.

We Will Never Forget!

“=->>>—- Kenny —-.>

Today I received a message from my cousin Herb, who was there when this happened. His father and mine were first cousins and Herb, his wife Allane and Eric and I have become good friends as well as family.
In response to this post, he commented, “The night when the government did everything they could to escalate it to the next level. We came with Prayer and Song and stood our ground.”
A mutual friend and family member added this: “And we carried the wounded for many hours and then went back to the bridge the next morning (7:00am) and stood at the bridge when they tried to take it.”
And my cousin asked me, “Look at the wire and the concrete barriers. Does this remind you of another place that is happening Now?”
And yes, it does. Today Trump has given our troops, hiding behind the barbed wire on our southern border, orders to shoot anyone who tries to cross. I suppose this means no exceptions, including children.
And I asked Herb, “God, what is going on with our country?” I have only one answer: Trump.
Wake up America, or DAPL might happen in your back yard too.

1 thought on “November 21, 2018

  1. Hannah Rees

    You are so right. I really feel this situation has a great deal to do with Jerry’s pain. He has about given up on doctors and believes he needs a good therapist to talk things out with. Would you know of anyone on island who might qualify? Also could you give me the name and phone number of that place in Lihue that rents medical equipment. I’d like to get Jerry a better chair to sleep in while we’re there.

    Best wishes for a happy family time of Thanksgiving. We will be at Debbie’s. Only 2 if her boys will be home. Bill has gone w his partner to his partner’s mother in Tennessee. Everyone will be here for Christmas!! Then we can come to Kauai!!

    One of J’s latest tirades wasn’t put on FB. I guess it was too much.

    See you in a little over a month!!

    Love, Hannah

    Sent from my iPad




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