NOVEMBER 12, 2018

Well, the Midterms are almost over. Florida is still recounting ballots so it’s not over till it’s over. Some of the candidates I supported won; some of them lost. That’s the name of the game. I only hope the winners will do what they promised or else it will be just the same old political run-around elections seem to bring out.

And so we carry on. Kaua’i had the highest voter turn-out in the state, and for that I’m proud. We’re a small island, between 65,000 and 70,000total population but we care about what happens in our county, our state and our country. And we’re willing to stand up and be counted. We’re willing to stand on street corners in the pouring rain to make our voices heard. I’ve done it.

Now that the politicking is over, we’re watching the dreadful fires in California and grieving for those who have lost their homes and livelihoods. Watching my neighbor’s house burn down last February and feeling their pain over pets lost and belongings destroyed, I empathize more with the residents than I used to. Every time we drive down the road I see the hole in our neighborhood that used to be a family’s home and I feel a deep sense of loss.

Then the President has the nerve to blame the California fires on poor management at the state level. There are no words. That’s like blaming my neighbors for not taking proper care of their home and causing the fire. NOT! They did everything humanly possible to keep their home safe. The homeowners in California did everything humanly possible to keep their homes safe. Brush around their houses was cleared out, fire alarms checked, propane tanks properly stored. And still the fires happened. The firefighters on Kaua`i came back long after the neighbor’s fire was out to check for hot spots, just like the firefighters in California are doing. Poor management had nothing to do with any of it.

So now that the Midterms are over it’s time to gear up for the 2020 elections. It’s time to fight for our country against those who would bring it down. Those who blame others for what is obviously their fault. It’s time to write, to speak out and let our voices be heard. We can make a difference. It’s time.

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