AUGUST 27, 2018

Hurricane LaneThis photo by Schar Freeman shows the outer edge of Hurricane Lane as it approaches Kaua’i.

This is pretty much a rough draft but deals, in a way, with Hurricane Lane which is affecting our island. I thought it made a great title for a poem!


Hurricane Lane is a long path
And it is a short path.
It runs smooth and straight
It is filled with twists and turns.
It is gentle and calm
Until a gust of wind blows you off-course.
Challenged, you search for the path
Sometimes finding it
Stretching before you smoothly
But sometimed not,
Finding only an ending and nothing more.

You start on this path
Pushed from a dark safe place
You don’t choose which path to follow
It’s chosen for you
even so you follow it to the end
You can do nothing else.
You may trip over a rock or two,
Find the path muddy or spread with gravel
Paved or mushy and rough
But you continue on
until the path comes to its end.

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