August 5, 2017

Thank you, Hannah, for the Kaua’i chicken photo!
Bon season is winding down; we won’t see andagis and flying saucers until after Memorial Day 2018. I know I’ve spoken about Bon before but thought I’d add more to the picture to give you an idea of how special it is.
Wikipedia defines Bon as ” a style of dancing performed during Obon. Originally a Nenbutsu (Japan) folk dance to welcome the spirits of the dead, the style of celebration varies in many aspects from region to region.” Each segment of the dance has particular hand and foot motions that take months to learn and years to perfect. I took classes for 3 months several years ago and still only know one dance for sure.
Traditionally a Buddhist priest opens the evening with prayer and welcomes visitors and guests. Then the music begins. Special foods are available for purchase. Intermission features special performances, either dances or Takio drumming. On Kaua`i, each of our Buddhist Temples hosts the dance during the summer months with the exception of July 4 weekend.
You learn interesting things at Bon. Not just the history or the spirituality behind it but you can always tell if it’s an election year. Apparently this year is as our Mayor, who at about 6’5″ towers over everyone else, was dancing as well as at least one of our County Council members; they were on opposite sides of the circle which tells you something right there!
We’ve had lovely, hot weather this past week or two with light trades to keep our air clean. I feel sorry for those who are enduring the smoke of the West Coast wildfires as well as those in Arizona dealing with the flooding. When we experience vog, volcanic smog, I can identify with them completely.
There was a beautiful parade last weekend to celebrate Koloa Days. Koloa, about 4 miles away, is the site of the first sugar cane mill on Kaua`i and we have a 10-day celebration to commemorate it: not just the parade but crafts fairs, cooking demos, cultural exhibits, food and more Taiko drumming! It’s very small town and that’s the way we like it. You always run into someone you know.
Time to sign off for now. It was good to touch base again.

1 thought on “August 5, 2017

  1. Hannah Rees

    Just like you dropped in for a visit ! Sounds like all is well!

    We muddle along. Jerry’s head has been especially bad this week. We are very thankful to be in such a beautiful place and have comfortable chairs, as we seem to spend much time in them!!

    Did I tell you about the great book I read called The Paris Architect- it’s a real page turner – think your group would like it.

    We got our first sweet corn Friday. It’s just as yummy as I remember it! I was visiting a farm family when I was a girl and really enjoying their corn on the cob. ” It’s not fattening, is it ? I asked. They replied, ” It’s what we feed the pigs!! ”

    Love to you and your kinfolk,


    Sent from my iPad




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