July 24, 2017

I’m slowly beginning to recover from my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. My trip began in Portland, OR on Friday, July 14. After an overnight flight I met up with my daughter in Powell’s Books, just about the greatest bookstore ever! My daughter-in-law’s mother picked us up there and took us home for dinner (gee, I have a great family!) and then on to the motel where I finally passed out.
The next morning we all met up at a restaurant for breakfast before going to once again visit family and yes! that garden!! I have a black thumb; plants come to my house, sigh and fall over dead. That afternoon we caught Amtrak to Seattle and I highly recommend it. Smooth, comfy and views. And dinner!
The next few days were filled with family, friends, the Ballard Locks to watch the salmon and the hungry sea lions, and a picnic at Coulon Park before heading off to the cabin on the Kitsap Peninsula for a short visit. We even got in a day of shopping but then are you surprised? A lot of activity was crammed into the 4 days I was in Seattle; I’m sorry I didn’t get to visit everyone on my list but that’s how it goes sometimes. I sure thought about you!
My grand-niece is adorable; hopefully someday she’ll get over her discomfort around me but at least by the end of my stay we could finger-touch! Her Mom’s a pretty neat lady and she has a cool older brother too. My nephew did good!! My niece’s kids are so tall; one’s as tall as I am but then… I enjoyed watching them all and getting to visit with their parents and grandmother.
Seattle has grown so much I hardly recognized her. Condos replace houses, even many of the cute little bungalows over by Alki. Traffic is horrendous–I won’t complain about our 5-minute wait in Kapa`a again. Bagel shops are great, lots of good coffee, and the weather was warm and sunny. I’m saddened to realize she’s not my city any more and I miss her.
While the flight to the mainland was smooth, the flights home were dreadful. Mixed-up requests, a bottle falling off the cart onto my head (empty fortunately, the bottle not the head) and that kid kicking me in the back for 2 hours. I’ve filed a complaint with the airlines but every time I call them they hang up on me. Their name sounds like “felta.” Even Makana, during his show on Saturday, said his guitar sounds funny after flying with them! And he only flew over from Oahu.
It’s good to be home. My bag’s unpacked and put away so I’ll be here for awhile. Bon Dance and Koloa Days, here I come!

1 thought on “July 24, 2017

  1. Hannah Rees

    Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure as I did too! Got home yesterday and am slowly recuperating. Deb’s husband had 9 men sleeping here while we were gone and I came home to wet towels intermixed with their dirty sheets. I was not pleased as I hang out the clothes on sunny days and planned to take a long time doing laundry, but with it all damp I have done 4 loads so far and am using the dryer on the permanent press, but hate wrinkle dried cotton sheets, so on the line they go. Jerry had a rough time while I was gone even though he had a room at a retirement home with meals etc, but he made it ! We’re both very happy to be at the cottage alone for awhile. I know you saw some pics on FB. Will try to send a few more. It was an awesome trip and so much fun to travel with 3 younger, caring women!! Aren’t we lucky to have such loving families!!! Aloha, Hannah

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