June 22, 2017


I think I know why I don’t want to live in a big city! True, shopping is fantastic, so many shops, so many choices!! But alongside that there’s so much traffic! And the high-rise condos. We lived in a small apartment for the first 6 months of our marriage; it was in an old converted house and there were six apartments but even that drove us nuts. The noise of people walking, fighting, whatever was more information than we wanted; we lasted six months before buying our first house.

And now we live in our second house. Imagine that! However, it’s on a small island and some services available in larger cities aren’t always available here so there are times you have to catch a plane and make a trip off-island. So there we were at the airport planning to make a necessary trip. But when we do, we combine necessity and fun and this trip was no exception so off we went to Honolulu.

We landed EARLY on Sunday morning and ended up at a Summit honoring the Hokule’a home from her 3-year voyage around the world. Crew members, teachers, students, tourists–all were there. We enjoyed stopping at various tables, watching the excellent movies, purchasing memorabilia. I met a crew member who’d written about his time sailing on board and spent time visiting with him about the similarities between Polynesian and American Indian cultures. Shopping occupied the afternoon as well and then we checked into the hotel.

Monday was reserved for the purpose of our trip.

Tuesday morning we fought Honolulu traffic to get to the Iolani Palace for our scheduled self-guided tour. We were only 10 minutes late, though allowing over 30 minutes to get there. TRAFFIC! The 45-minute tour took nearly 2 hours but was time well-spent. They had electricity in the palace before the White House thought to install it! We visited the King’s and Queen’s bedrooms, viewed the quilt Queen Liliuo’kalani created with her ladies-in-waiting during her exile (read a history sometime). I recommend the tour if you ever get to Honolulu.

Tuesday afternoon we spent with an old friend who moved there from Kaua’i. She’s fighting a return of her cancer but we laughed and talked genealogy and it was like old times. One pill a day is helping her in the fight. Amazing!!

And now we’re home. Our lightly-packed bags were stuffed and heavy, our new bags likewise. But what a great time! i must admit however, I’m glad to live on a small island in a small town with only one traffic light and cows and wild pigs counted among our neighbors!

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