MAY 22, 2017

You never realize how much your kids know about you until a special day comes along. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, etc. Mine never cease to amaze me. I have a pot of mums sitting on the dining room table and a Mom’s Sippy Cup (shaped like a wine glass) sitting in the cupboard. And yes I’ve watered the mums and used the glass.

I’ve not written lately because on April 30 my beloved cat Koa died of a blood clot following surgery. He was almost 13.

He was an amazing cat. My husband doesn’t like cats but curled up with Koa every evening to watch TV. My husband swore he’d never have a Siamese cat in the house but delighted in Koa’s “talking,” which sounded very much like a Siamese cat’s vocalizations (he was a feral cat we adopted with his sister so don’t know his lineage for sure).

When Koa got bored, he opened the bottom drawer in the bathroom cabinet (both bathrooms, he wasn’t fussy) and dug everything out. He liked to nap under the bathroom sinks or on the 2nd shelf of the linen closets after he opened the folding doors. He taught his sister Nani these tricks, too.

He didn’t care for fish but liked spaghetti sauce if we put our plates on the floor. He would claw at my chair, and my arm, and lead me to his food dish to show me it was empty or to the sink where he wanted water (no water bowl for him!).

Instead of giving us the “stink eye” when we got home after long vacations, he was overjoyed to see us and rolled around purring to let us know. When we were in New Zealand for three weeks in March, even though he had a daily visitor, when we pulled up in the driveway and I called him; sure enough, the rolling around/purring began.

The end came quickly. We noticed a lump on his left rear leg and when the vet excised it it turned out to be cancerous. Since the cancer hadn’t spread beyone that site his leg was amputated to save him and because the tumor was lying next to his sciatic nerve. Three days later he left us. He’s now buried beneath the bathroom window, as close to his food dish as possible.

Nani watched for him to return through the cat door, perhaps she hears him when we cannot, and has finally started eating again. She follows me everywhere and has started repeating some of his favorite “tricks.” We can only smile.

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