Welcome to the front page of my blog SusansWords.  Here I will write and share what happens to be on my mind at the moment so basically you get what you get.  I hope it amuses, educates and that you find something to take away with you.

The best word to describe this is Coddiwomple. I do start out in a purposeful manner but I get sidetracked by books, the beach, sunsets, cats and often other people.  Right now I’m sidetracked by Nani, my calico cat who’s lying here in the doorway looking out on the lanai trying to catch a breeze on this stifling day.

My destination is vague because who knows what lies beyond?  No one has come back to tell me.  So I keep plugging away.

Who am I?  I’m a writer of nonfiction and poetry who loves to read pretty much anything other than sci-fi or fantasy.  I have arthritis which keeps me from long, or sometimes short, walks but I can dictate my blog.

About this blog:  to find current pages, click on the word “blog” and scroll.  I think you’ll find them.  If not, I’m on facebook.

Happy scrolling!